Smart Keeper

USB TYPE-C Laptop Lock
Model CSK-CLL10
Description Honesty & Passion! This is Glocom's Vision

Protects steals and relocation by using a USB TYPE-C port


Any laptop even in Thin notebooks

Characteristics  / Advantages

No problem to no Kensington holes, C-clips, or security locking holes
Compared to competitors, much stronger secured
Set 4 digit PIN (easy to change)
Anti-theft and moving prevention
Data and assets protection against theft
Made in Korea


Korea Patented #10-6733684


(W*L*H) 0.64” x 2.56”/2.76” x 0.94”/1.22” (16.3 x 65/70 x 24/31mm), / Weight: 2.22oz (63g)
Security cable 0.16” thickness, 78.7“ long (4mm thick, 2 m long) / Weight: 2.79oz (79g)

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